Thank You For Asking just asked us what we think about that former teacher’s video apology for sex abuse?

Frankly we are skeeved the fuck out. We’re not skeeved out because an adult had sex with a child (actually we are because we are not of the “omg she’s a hot babe and every boy’s dream is to fuck a teacher and omg I wish a teacher had fucked me” school of thought b/c everyone who says that is very stupid, usually way older than 14 and viewing the situation through their experience and have completely forgotten how weird, scary and uncomfortable sexuality is at 14; much less when an adult exercises their power and invades that space), we’re skeeved out because some third wave nü christian church that probably does baptisms in a kiddie pool in front of a rock band has co-opted this whole thing.

This woman doesn’t need to be the face of this nü christian church. she needs serious psychological help.

Anyway, here’s the video. Ugh:


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