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Oh Goodie

Not a year, hell a month, goes by without someone trying to write some roll tide song that is an obvious attempt at exposure and cashing in. Here’s the newest one. Takes about 1:22 until tornado porn shows up. Yay.

Here are some better songs:

(fuck, i actually sorta like this one)


What Does This Mean AJ?!?!??!

Seriously, someone explain this:

“I’m a huge Yankees fan, and I said I would never go to New York unless I was invited for the Heisman or for draft day,” McCarron said. “So one of those dreams came true. It’s just a cool moment to be a part of.”

What? Why? Why the fuck wouldn’t you go to New York if you’re a HUGE Yankees fan? Too urban? Too many bagel shops? AJ splain this, srsly.

Oh, They’ll Probably Drop the Charges Now

Matt Pitt is our favorite Alabama shitshow ever. Seriously, ever. We admit that we are truly terrible people because we enjoy watching “hip” christians go down in flames more than we should. This guy is the best.

The newest update in the Pitt saga is that his cousin Bailey (yes, this is a person, not a dog, named Bailey) came to his defense saying that Pitt showed a fake badge because it was: “an attempt to show the character of who he was.”

Turns out he wasn’t impersonating a cop after all guys!!!

Toss out the charges so this guy can get back to his life. It’s been weeks since the lines in his head have been freshened up! Weeks!

Thanks Obama

We don’t know how many times we’ve told the CeeDub to avoid satire. We’re pretty sure it’s every time they try it. Like every time. Well, now they’ve gone and apologized for a political cartoon that “satirized” the loss to Auburn and something about Obama. We’re pretty sure they meant to work off of the whole “thanks Obama” meme, joke, whatever. But instead of just writing “Thanks Obama”, I dunno, maybe the Alabama player on the ground could have have looked a little frustrated or something and it could have said “thanks Obama” and IT WOULD HAVE MADE SENSE WITH THE ACTUAL JOKE, they wrote “This is what happens in Obama’s America” in a dripping shitty Halloween font. Anyway, the Blaze picked up the story and the comments are nothing short of amazing. Good job CW, you’ve managed to align yourself with Glenn Beck with one poorly thought out “political” “cartoon”. Stop trying satire. Stop.

Yeah, can’t believe no one got the joke there.

Anyway, they’ve apologized. Thanks Obama!

AJ YelpCarron

Apparently in his spare time, you know, cuz he ain’t playin today, AJ McCarron is using twitter to complain about vittles that don’t live up to the expectations of his refined pallet:

Such a good rep indeed AJ. Keep your head up #10, we hear the Cheddar’s near the mall of sorrow is daaaaaaank.

Sometimes We Get Busy

People, and sometimes we get surly. We’re coming back after the new year and we’re coming for you b-holes.

Your buttonholes people, yeesh, we’re thinking about putting some nice flowers in them, like a lil boutineer.