Jesus Christ Alabama

Must we do everything after everyone else and in drips and drabs? Everybody else is jumping on the marijuana bandwagon. Everybody. Are we? A state desperate for alternative income streams? A state that still hasn’t figured it the fuck out that sales tax is a fucking regressive tax and you need fucking property taxes that at least approach the goddamn national average fucking hell?????

Nope, because Alabama is a stupid, stupid, stupid state. Look how long it took for “high gravity” (by the way, can we drop this fucking term? we look real dumb using it. it’s craft beer.) beer and homebrewing. Won’t someone think of the children?

Anyway, someone is introducing a bill so this poor girl who has seizures can get a cannaboid oil that we’re assuming quells her seizures. We have to assume this because this piece of shit article never actually states what the oil does for this poor little girl’s seizures. We’re guessing, and we have to guess because of this terrible writing, that it makes them less frequent. Jesus.


One thought on “Jesus Christ Alabama

  1. If that’s the girl, she needs more more than cannaboid oil.

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