The Douchechills, Oh the Douchechills

Did you guys see the sweet “promotional video” creative campus made for the Druid City Arts Fest? It has all the hallmarks of a sweet “promotional video”: footage lifted whole hog from another source without accreditation, some graphics tacked on at the end to make it a “promotional video” for the event that has nothing to do with the aforementioned lifted footage and of course as like all good “promotional videos” it has the watermark from the shareware software used to create the “promotional video”. Sweet. I understand why creative campus didn’t pony up $29.99 for iSkysoft software to make this “promotional video.” It’s not like there is anywhere on campus where a student could have created a “promotional video” using Final Cut pro and exported the file directly for youtube using that software or exported it in whatever format they liked then used Handbrake to transcode it for youtube. Nope, nothing like that on campus at all.


One thought on “The Douchechills, Oh the Douchechills

  1. Steven Bunker says:

    A professor from UA provides the following critical analysis of this video: “It sucked balls.”

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