Are you fucking kidding me with these educated guesses? These people are educators at this institution? They have to be trolling right? Let’s look at the guesses:

Ok, the 3-d printing one isn’t so bad, it’s a little obvious but it’s not completely retarded like the rest of these. Let’s move on.

Myspace? Aahahahahah, this dood thinks Myspace is coming back. The best part about this is the last sentence: “and they’re looking at new things.” By new things he means something that died seven years ago. LOL. The kids already have new shit. They’re already sending each other pictures of they’re undeveloped nether regions and using whatever bullshit we can’t even begin to understand yet. They want streamlined, simple communication; not the bloated bullshit of Facebook. Oh wait, maybe it does make sense that they’ll go back to Myspace now….lol.

Marijuana legalization will slow? You wish sister. Now that Colorado has finally been the first state to actually decriminalize it as a recreational drug, we’re only gonna see more “medical” marijuana and more states inching toward full legalization.

Who are these people!?!?!?!?!?!? My god CeeDub, consult an expert next time.


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