Doods Have You Been to the Ferg???

Have you doods? I was down there today. I fired up my 28.8 because I was gonna DL some sweet remixes on Kazaa, then post them to Bearshare before I connected to my DC++ hub and updated my homepage with a sweet new dancing baby gif. OMG, have you guys heard these new South Park sound clips? They’re phat. Anyway, I got a new burner so I was gonna download some songs to burn a cd. Pretty sure my diskman will read these. Gotta have tunes in the car! So I logged into this FTP site but it was a bust. Fuck it, I’ll check out some MP3 channels in IRC yo. I’m all like @find this and @find that and shit. Got some sweet Limp Bizkit and deftones. Then I got on AIM because I had an awweeesome away message and I put that shit up and went on Limewire for some Warez and FUCKING SERIOUSLY, WHY DO I FEEL LIKE I SHOULD BE WEARING JNCOS AND A GODDAMN BALL NECKLACE AND HAVE FROSTED TIPS WHEN I’M TRYING TO USE THE INTERNET AT THE FERG?

Shit is slower than fucking ATT Uverse, which is saying something.

Get it together UA, mother of god.


One thought on “Doods Have You Been to the Ferg???

  1. Jimmy says:

    $5 bucks says not a single kid in the ferg would have a fucking clue what any of the above means.

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