Seriously CeeDub, It’s Embarrassing Now

I have full faith that the CeeDub gave the abortion girl a column strictly as a goof/troll move, but the great experiment has run its course. It’s embarrassing at this point.

It turns out that abortion isn’t the only issue she’c completely ignorant about. Now she’s writing about Obamacare.

She says things like this:

Obamacare forces young people to pay more for health insurance in order to pay for older people’s health insurance, which is costlier than ours.

Yeah, being able to stay on your parents plan until you’re 26 definitely hurts young people.

and, sigh, this:

A health insurance company refusing to cover someone because of a pre-existing condition may sound callous, but that’s how the insurance market works.

This is one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever read anywhere, and I’ve spent some time on 4chan. This girl clearly has no idea how the insurance market works and why pre-existing conditions are used, usually in retrospect, to deny payment on charges that patients desperately need because they didn’t disclose, sometimes didn’t even know they had, a pre-existing condition.

Naturally she swings it around to abortion because she’s utterly incapable of viewing anything without the spectrum of baby murder muddying her thoughts.

I get that this girl is young, not very bright, a lil brainwashed and completely ill-informed; can we stop giving her a forum for her nonsense already though??


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