CeeDub Columnist Has Never Listened to Pop Music…..like ever

Someone is writing about Miley Cyrus at the CeeDub because apparently when white people fix racism it’s time to get back to serious business.

The column in question said things like this:

One of the definitions of appropriation is “to take or make use of without authority or right.” Miley Cyrus does not have the authority or the right to try and “sound black,” whatever that’s supposed to mean. The way she is treating black culture is like a piece of clothing. She can put on her T-shirt that says “URBAN” across the front and wear it for the day, but at the end of the day, she gets to take it off that night and still have the privileges normally afforded to white people.

A brave stand indeed, because Miley Cyrus is the first white person in the history of popular music to appropriate an “urban” sound to make money. The. First. Ever.


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