That Word Does Not Mean What I Think You Think It Means

Ceedub. And that word is nuance. Samaria Johnson’s letter to the editor is about lots of stuff. Nuance, however, is nowhere to be found. Still, it’s a good read that everybody would do well to read and think about. We don’t buy into the fatalistic tone of it (weird, right?) but we still think everyone should read it.

It’s sickeningly cute that while all of the white people are busy doing their self-congratulatory kumbaya dance in celebration of the so-called desegregation of the white greek system, all of them conveniently forget that the The University of Alabama already has an integrated greek system. While powerful and moneyed white kids frolicked away in blissful ignorance until a couple of black girls took their funny mirrors away, the Divine Nine and other multicultural social organizations on campus have always welcomed their melanin-challenged classmates into their spaces. “We’re not racist! See? We have black kids in our frats and sororities!” white greeks will say now, as if they actually deserve national news for being dragged kicking and screaming into the Social Justice 101 classroom.


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