Papa Saban Knows How Old Y’all Are, Right?

Nick Saban wrote a letter to the students. We’re assuming this means university students, but this thing reads like a letter from Santa Clause:

First of all, I hope everyone had a great summer break

We have some very exciting home games on the schedule this season


3 thoughts on “Papa Saban Knows How Old Y’all Are, Right?

  1. Jimmy says:

    can someone explain what the point of that letter was?

  2. I second that last question. So the CW really asked him to just write a letter about nothing in particular for publication? Unless it’s a hoax, he must’ve written it himself. Doesn’t Saban have people to do that sort of thing for him?!?

  3. I think it’s in response to the students not showing up for the cupcake games; as well as them showing up late and leaving early when we’re blowing out teams. Sabes is processing the students with the play ’til the whistle/play all 60 minutes ethos. He could stand to get processed at the Writing Center, himself.

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