Your Mccarron Moment of Zen

Ripped straight from his twitter feed. Note the subtle disorientation of the photo, the text spoken in reverse, Yoda with a cannon for a right arm is AJ. Life is lived in landscape, but AJ has shown this to us in portrait, as if to illustrate the clash between this man’s pursuit of physical greatness, a pursuit AJ understands well, with the dangerous practice of riding a bike where the cars go vroom vroom. This is a masterclass in the modern man’s existential crisis in pursuit of physical and spiritual perfection. Click through for full size. Namaste.

mccarron zen


2 thoughts on “Your Mccarron Moment of Zen

  1. (Boy’s parents told him wrong. Bikes are vehicles and belong in the street. Many if not most cities, it’s illegal to ride one on the sidewalk.)

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