Just So You Heard It Here First

We’ve been thinking about this whole sorority racism thing, and the more we think about it, we think some awesome things are afoot. Now, this issue gets covered every damn fall. Every fall. But it never really takes off because it doesn’t get national attention. There’s also not usually a powerful family involved. We’re not saying that the England family is purposely trying to push for change here, but let’s face it: they’re smart, smart people. Could it be that someone finally had the stones to force the university’s hand? I mean, a CeeDub piece made it to the New York Times. We’ll take our tinfoil hats off now, but goddamn this is exciting and regardless of how it happens, we’re stoked to be here to watch.


3 thoughts on “Just So You Heard It Here First

  1. Justin Smith says:

    the prez of Pi Pheta responds in an email…

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