Welp, the board has spoken. Where you at Jbo? We’d like to hear some empty promises.


11 thoughts on “Jbo?

  1. Murray Silverstone says:

    Did you make this up? Or did the trustees make an official statement? give us a link or it didn’t happen … “effect” is a noun and not a verb, so it might be nice to know which ignoramus made that grammatical error.

  2. Steven Bunker says:

    Hey all, Murray is on your side. Just wants to make sure everything is kosher before people share it and say it is fact. Don’t want to pull a Garrison/Kirby by trading in falsehoods! Many of us in the community and faculty appreciate your blog’s coverage and enjoy a good laugh.

    • uglytusk says:

      oh we know, we’re just being smartasses 😀
      it’s on the al.com for all to see. we’re just a little butthurt that we are not taken seriously as a news outlet!!!!!!!

      • Bebe Barefoot Lloyd says:

        I have always taken you seriously as a news outlet. I told you months ago that I think you’re like the pamphlets in 17th- and 18th-century England–when print culture was new and exciting. : )

  3. I find it odd that no one has figured out which university office that Chi-O adviser works in, or who her siblings are. It’s worth a look :-).

  4. Steven Bunker says:

    Oh, we take you seriously. Way better than T-News (with a couple of recent exceptions) and certainly Alabama Public Radio, on whose board I currently sit and whose silence and deference to power I detest and seek to change. Smartassery is the way to make the world a better place. Keep it up.

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