Does Judy Bonner Have a Spine?

Seriously Jbo, you’ve made the Grey Lady. Darth Bentley seems to think this situation is bullshit:

“Personally, I think they need to change their attitude,” the governor said.

And yet, as per usual, you are silent. You are the worst kind of leader, clearly more concerned about handling the situation as quietly as possible instead of leading. GUESS WHAT JBO, THE CAT’S OUT OF THE FUCKING BAG, IT’S TIME TO LEAD.

We all realize you’re probably waiting for the Saturday afternoon news hole to open up again so you can toss in an email that says absolutely nothing. This university has the chance to be great, it has the chance to move into the 21st century. The kids want it. Are you going to get the fuck out of the way and start thinking about them for once?? Jbo?? It’s time.


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