Wouldn’t it Be Great

To troll the Machine this year? The Homecoming Red Book! Whatever the fuck that is, is up on some web site. It’s basically a bunch of rules for the fratstars to win points and shit. Anyway, it has rules for homecoming queen. They are: Must be a full time student, must be sponsored by a registered student organization, must have a 2.5 gpa.

Doesn’t say anything about it needing to be a woman. I’d like to see a very sassy gay man win this thing. Or a dood with a huge beard. Anyone other than some Delta Beta Gamma named Mallory.

We obviously don’t have the pull on our own to organize this shit, but there’s got to be some GDI organization out there that’s large enough to rally the troops right? Strictly for the laughs people. Think about how butthurt the machine would be if some euphoric neckbeard was named homecoming queen.

Someone do this? Please??



One thought on “Wouldn’t it Be Great

  1. Steven Bunker says:

    A brilliant idea.

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