You’re Shitting Me Ceedub

They ran an entire article about Celebrating Achievement. Celebrating Achievement! Whose idea was this? Seriously, were you all like “well, we should throw Jbo a bone and the only thing she’s done other than knocking down a historic building is commissioning that stupid fucking song so let’s pretend people care about it.”

The only article about Celebrating Achievement should have highlighted how stupid it is and how no one, no one, gives the tiniest of shits about it.

Way to keep the pressure up on her for a response. You guys are killing it this year. Killing it.

Commence the Judy Bonner Dance Party.


3 thoughts on “You’re Shitting Me Ceedub

  1. Murray Silverstone says:

    Well, at the very least it enabled the irony of this excellent letter in the CW:

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