They Got This Right

But what about that skeezy place where you can get Yellowhammers or that huge sports bar??? is what I can imagine croakied masses saying in response to Egans bar being named the best bar in Ttown.

They’re right, but let’s keep this on the DL yo. I don’t wanna have to hear about Taylor/Alli/Allison/Lauren’s most recent breakup while I’m trying to have a beer.


One thought on “They Got This Right

  1. Steve McQueen says:

    Also, that bar is way gay. They love the gays. There is so much homoerotic energy floating around that place that you pretty much can’t go there without leaving just a little bit gay. And with each subsequent visit, trust me, you will become gayer.

    So this is a note to all you frat boys in your croakies and your polos and your pastels: Egan’s bar, though pretty awesome, will turn you majorly gay. You don’t want that kinda heat.

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