Still No Word From Judy Bonner

About the machine. No answer to Paul Horwitz’s letter. What is the faculty senate doing? Nothing as per usual? We haven’t heard from them either.

But you guys, the CW is debating the Syria issue! I don’t know about you, but I was just thinking “hmmm, I wonder what a bunch of privileged white kids in Alabama think about this whole Syrian snafu?” This is another brilliant editorial decision. Doods, there’s a huge local issue going on and you do not have the tools or audience to even begin to approach the Syria issue. What the fuck are you doing????

MEANWHILE, YOU SHOULD CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE WHAT JBO THINKS ABOUT ALL OF THIS (seriously, click it, Judy Bonner dance party awaits).


2 thoughts on “Still No Word From Judy Bonner

  1. Murray Silverstone says:

    I believe the Faculty Senate will be meeting in the next two weeks, and I have no doubt they will issue a statement about these issues.

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