Everything You needed to Know About Judy Bonner

You can know from looking at her home page, so to speak, at president.ua.edu.

On this page you’ll find:

Five photos of Jbo on the front page
A link to a videos section featuring seven videos of Jbo
A photo gallery with at least 18 pictures of Jbo
A fucking link to celebrating achievement

Know what we didn’t find? A personal email address so we could, as customers at this university, directly voice our displeasure over the administration’s silence on the machine. Seriously, I can find my senator and congressman’s email in 10 seconds but I can’t find Judy Bonners email on the fucking page for the university president?!?!?

Anyway, we found it in the directory and it’s: president@ua.edu. This is where we would tell you all to email her, repeatedly, and demand a response, but we know this generation, and we know you are too busy with your face in your instagrams and vines to actually give a shit about how fucked up your university is. Carry on.

jbo orphan
The reference for those missing it.


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