Yaaaay Tuscaloosa News

Your paywall is dumb, but we like this editorial:

For many years, J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI pretended that the Mafia didn’t exist. That was exactly what the crime organization wanted. The FBI couldn’t pursue something that didn’t exist. It created the perfect breeding ground for crime and corruption.

It’s time for the University of Alabama’s administration to quit pretending The Machine doesn’t exist. Comparing a secret student organization to the Mafia might seem overly dramatic. But the underground alliance of fraternities and sororities at UA is real, and its influence is no longer confined to campus.

Students can’t be denied the right to vote if they follow all of the rules. That means establishing residency and giving up their voting privileges in their hometowns. But we do believe that both the city and University of Alabama should do all in their power to prevent a secret organization from using students to manipulate an election.

When are we gonna hear from Jbo? Helloooooooo Jbo you’re a national laughingstock, when are you going to say something, anything???


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