Tuscaloosa News Hired Someone Who Sorta Knows Photoshop

And they made a Back to the Future/Bama graphic and it is a steaming pile of shit. See:


Rage. Just so much fucking rage. We’re going to start copying your piece of shit newspaper word for word and posting the entire thing here. 5 articles, a month? You really don’t understand how this paywall thing is supposed to work. God why can’t this shit fucking paper fail already.


2 thoughts on “Tuscaloosa News Hired Someone Who Sorta Knows Photoshop

  1. Uh, isn’t stealing IP for profit only legal if it’s for commentary or parody? Yes, the T News is a parody of a newspaper, but I am pretty sure copyright law does not account for that. Haven’t they been sued for all their copypaste “artwork” yet? Just recently, they have stolen the Grinch and Harry Potter and who knows what else they could fit in the scanner. If it was a real newspaper, it would’ve had it’s ass sued off a decade ago.

  2. Here is the picture you were looking for, buddy. http://i42.tinypic.com/9kcysl.gif. OA half hour and we’ll be able to access it legally … .

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