Oooooooooh Shit, It’s On

We were gonna post this thing earlier, but sometimes even we lose our nerve. But, the Crimson White has the full email from Law Professor Paul Horwitz to the faculty senate and hooooooooboy, is it a humdinger.

Here are snippets for the lazy:

1) At least ten students of this university fraudulently registering to vote by giving an address at which they do not live. 2) The massive presence of signs for particular candidates on sorority and/or fraternity lawns on election day, in violation of intrafraternity and university rules. I am told that several students complained to the appropriate authorities about these blatant violations and were basically told to go away. 3) The likelihood–the certainty, really–of other fraudulent registrations and votes by students of this university. 4) The use of what appear to be widespread promises to trade drinks for votes, which may constitute criminal conduct under state law. And that, I’m afraid, is probably only the start.

Both the Greek and Machine questions have of course come up many times before. But they have not been addressed with clarity, tenacity, and a willingness not to stop until the issue is fully and completely aired in the open and addressed forcefully. A smoke-free campus is a fine thing, no doubt. But so is bringing our university into the present in all kinds of other ways. In important ways, our university is corrupt. It seems to me that it is the duty of the Faculty Senate to arrest this corruption. Dealing with these issues is in my view an obligation, and one that we should take on–not just this year, but until we are done–as a signature issue of the Faculty Senate. I am asking you, Steve, and my other Senate colleagues, to make sure this happens.

I would add in that light that I am a little disturbed on two counts. The first has to do with the credibility of the university leadership. Both President Bonner and Chancellor Witt made sizeable donations to at least one of the Machine-backed candidates. We all remember last year’s events surrounding former President Bonner; I am still unconvinced that I have yet heard an honest explanation of those events, or that Professor Bailey’s sudden partial departure had nothing to do with his criticisms of some members of the Greek system. This too adds to the administration’s credibility gap. Many will also recall then-President Witt’s reply to a question about the horrendous lack of racial integration in our Greek system–fifty years after the official integration of the university–in which he said, “As independent social organizations, it is appropriate that all our sororities and fraternities–traditionally African-American, traditionally white and multicultural–determine their [own] membership.” This was, of course, a wholly inadequate answer.

An even greater cause to be disturbed is the lack of will and resolve on the part of the university administration when it comes to issues involving, inter alia, the Machine. These issues arise from time to time, are not firmly addressed, and continue to haunt us on a regular basis–as yesterday’s law violations demonstrate. It is our job as the Faculty Senate not to rest until the university leadership, including President Bonner, Chancellor Witt, and the board of trustees, have shown a full measure of a quality they have seemed too often to lack: courage.

So, you ready to take your university back faculty?


3 thoughts on “Oooooooooh Shit, It’s On

  1. God bless this guy. A Tuscaloosa run by and for university students might as well be Auburn. Tuscaloosa is a real town, with real industry and real working people. There is no reason to let the public (ahem) university call the shots. Especially on the school board. What business does a machine guy who made his way in an exclusive system that local public school students are too ignorant or too poor to get into have with the Tuscaloosa City Schools? My only guess is that he wants to keep ’em dumb so the state’s well-bred can keep their little network going.

    • Anaan says:

      Tuscaloosa is just a theme park for game day tourists and rich college kids. I’ve lived here pretty much my entire life and now that I’ve graduated from UA, there’s no reason for me to stay.

  2. Amen says:

    This is why tenure still exists, so that guys like this can speak out about administrative injustices and (hopefully) not get reamed for it. Either way, it takes some courage to speak out against the people who cut your pay check. I’d like to shake this guy’s hand, and I hope something comes of this.

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