Oh man, have you been watching the abortion girl who doesn’t understand it’s not 1952‘s twitter? It’s been sort of amazing. At first when this whole thing happened, we thought “oh man, we should all just stop, we’re giving this wackadoo attention and she’s loving it because as a white girl christian she honestly thinks she’s oppressed.” But now she’s challenging everyone to debates at the Ferg! It’s fucking amazing.

Thus, we are throwing down the gauntlet. We want to debate. In person.

We have some terms, though:

1. We will debate via skype.
1a. our video feed must be projected at a height no less than 10 feet wide by 8 feet high.
1b. get at the SGA maybe you can score the Morgan or Ferg auditorium
1c. we will wear a darth vader mask
1d. and a tuxedo t-shirt
1e. we will broadcast from a bar with wifi because we are godless heathens and want to be around our own kind

2. there will be a karaoke portion to the debate.
2a. one of our gay friends will pinch hit this section for us because it will humanize the issue

3. the winner will be decided by crowd reaction.
3a. when you lose, you have to make out with a lady
3b. this is provided we can find a lady who likes ladies who will make out with a homophobe
3c. this has to be a real make out
3d. not a “I’ve had four beers and I need attention” make out
3e. we’re talking open mouths and real passion here

What say you white christian middle classed oppressed person??? Up for a real debate???


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