Goddamn, Y’all Are Killin It

Even though I think giving the Bama Students For Life girl was a total Al.com move (c’mon CeeDub, you’re better than that) the comments on her same sex marriage “column” make me want to hug everyone in Ttown. Highlights for the lazy:

L.C.15 • 5 minutes ago
I don’t know how her column is going to appear biweekly considering she obviously has nothing to write about soooo she decided to go for a topic she knew would get her attention (even though it’s overwhelmingly negative). Congrats.

Plainsman in T-town
Claire-bashing aside, the arguments supporting the central thesis of the article are completely unsubstantiated, not to mention hurtful and alienating. The thought that homosexual marriages are not equal to their heterosexual counterparts simply because of an inability to procreate is bigotry, no matter what pretenses the author may have in writing this article

This. So much this.

Jessica Hauger • an hour ago −
Thank you for ultimately perpetuating the stereotype that all southerners are ignorant, right-wing Bible thumpers and that The University of Alabama is a breeding ground for these kinds of people. If we want to be known as a worldly and competitive university, we shouldn’t be producing articles like these. I think I am more disappointed with the person who allowed this to be published than in the person who wrote it. Seriously?

Robyn • 7 hours ago
Perhaps the reason you are incapable of having a civil conversation is because you start out your conversation with absurd and hurtful declarations. If someone walked up to you and said, “I’m sorry, but you’re never going to be capable of raising a family. You’re simply unfit to do so,” I highly doubt the conversation would continue in a civil fashion. If you want to have a real conversation, facts and data better be a bigger part of it than hyperbole like and name-calling like implying polygamy is equal to loving same-sex unions and referring to the “hysterical left.”

And on. Goddamn, you done good Tuscaloosa.


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