Schoolboard Shenanigans

The Franklin Stove blog at (ok, seriously, why isn’t it just Ttown Truth Seeker? This whole Franklin Stove Blog at Tttown Truth Seeker dot Com don’t make no sense) has a new post about the shitshow that is the school board elections.

A WVUA-TV news story said that there were over 10 unrelated fraternity brothers who were newly registered to vote using the same address – 42 University Circle. The student who actually lives at the house says his Sigma Nu fraternity brothers don’t live there but used his address to register to vote.

The FSB at TTTS dot com, goes on to talk about Lee Garrison’s involvement with bringing out the frat vote and the involvement of that Pac in Garrison and Cason (this is not a name by the by) Kirby’s campaign.

You may remember Lee Garrison as the dood who has nice yard signs, but does not fucking understand cliches, particularly the cliche he uses as his campaign slogan:

A child’s future is a blank slate upon which we write with a permanent marker.

Ah yes, write on a black slate with a black marker, that will make a good impression. Anyway, this whole thing is the worst thing ever and pretty much evidence of what happens when you let dipshit fratstars have a thing like the machine when they’re in college. Le sigh.


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