Let’s Recap Why Governor Bentley is a Douchebag

Darth Bentley is continuing his never-ending quest to mortgage Alabama’s future in pursuit of turning the state into a little Mexico. Tax breaks, low wages, shitty jobs for everybody.

Bentley twittered this report that Alabama’s unemployment rate for July is down to 6.3% from 6.5%. Hooray. The report also touts all the jobs available on Alabama’s joblink. Let’s look at those jobs. Surely there are lots of living wage jobs for folks out there.

The top five jobs are:

1. Truck Driver
2. RN
3. Retail Salespersons
4. Food prep
5. customer service rep.

Some good jobs no? Truckers are always in demand, so that’s no surprise. As are RN’s. Hell if we could stand the sight of blood and weren’t pursuing worthless art degrees, we’d become RN’s. Things get a little more telling after that. Retail, food prep, and customer service. One of those jobs might come with a 40 hour week and benefits. We’re guessing the retail jobs are probably at Wal Marts and we all know how Wal Mart loves free trade while letting us foot the bill for their employees’ health care. The food jobs are probably fast food, if we had to guess. We would check, but you have to register to search and we ain’t got time for that.

In other Darth Bentley news, the SPLC is asking a federal court to block the stupid, stupid Alabama Accountability Act because it’s discriminatory as hell and reinforces the existing segregation academy system in the Black Belt.

In a number of Black Belt counties, there are no schools at certain grade levels that are not failing. Because the cost of private schools is prohibitive and because the few public schools in adjacent counties that will take these students are not accessible, many students in the Black Belt cannot escape failing schools.

“What’s more, the failing Black Belt schools will deteriorate further as money meant for public education is funneled into tax breaks for families with access to successful public and private schools,” Cohen added.

Oh Alabama, you insist on being your own worst enemy all the time.


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