This Might Could Be Good?

The Bitter Southerner is about being southern, in the now, not the past. So I guess they’re going to run an essay every Tuesday or something. This might end up being a good thing, though right now it mostly seems like a bunch of white people from Atlanta are butthurt that the bars they like don’t make the “best of” lists that don’t actually mean anything (hint to the south: city plan if you want to fix that shit.)

Anyway, right now the whole thing seems to be working on a short man complex anxiety directed mostly at New York. But, we agree with what they’re trying to do, in principle. It’s just that the whole thing feels way to public relationsy and way too justifying ourselves to the great big apple-y to really appreciate at this point (this is probably because the folks behind it all work in PR and again, actually might think magazine lists mean something.)

Hopefully they’ll forget about New York and get some new voices on this thing…Drive By Truckers and all that, but seriously, haven’t we heard everything these guys have to say already???


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