We Can’t Even Tell With These Kids

If they’re being satirical or if they’re really like this. Thank you internet and thank you parents for treating every one of these retards like they are special little butterflies. You are to blame for things like MRA’s and fedoras and neckbeards.

Anwyay, we’re talking specifically about this post on /r/capstone:

I don’t know how I didn’t notice this during visit/ orientation but everyone with a Y chromosome in a 5 mile radius is wearing the same shorts. Where’s the nearest place I can grab 4 or 5 and some Polo shirts.
And don’t be all “you don’t have to buy new clothes just be yourself”. FUCK THAT NOISE I’M FITTING IN AT ANY COST PUN SEMI INTENDED.
EDIT: and sorry ifI come off a little crass or whatever I’m just in panic mode. Made this account because I figured I’d try
EDIT2: I’ve made my decision and that decision is to make some scratch and maybe sell some stuff when I head home for thanksgiving and then be better prepped for spring semester. Until then none of you are going to see me around campus because I have the wrong fucking clothes. I probably need to study instead of socializing first semester anyways. I heard my PH105 is going to make a full-time job out of Physics

Now, this could be a sad attempt at humor, or it could be in earnest. Maybe we’re just getting old. Actually that’s probably it. It’s not that this generation is the worst thing ever, we’re just getting old. They’re just fine. It’s all gonna be just fine. This generation is lovely.


One thought on “We Can’t Even Tell With These Kids

  1. Anaan says:

    All of the white people on campus look the same. Like, I see different hair colors, different clothes, etc. but my brain only registers one person.

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