Oh Hey, Member When J-Bo Won the Drug War???

Fuck yeah she did. She did a real good job of fucking up a lot of lives and getting a lot of kids in the system because they smoked some weed. Great. Awesome. Good job TPD and Jbo and everyone else involved with this stupid, stupid action.

It looks like a decent chunk of these kids are going into alternative sentencing programs and whatnot.

Twenty-two are now in pretrial diversion programs, an alternative sentencing initiative for small-scale drug charges.

Good job Alabama, the rest of the country is slowly embracing decriminalization and you’re still fighting the drug war and taking bongs off the street.

Maybe this semester they can bust everyone who smokes weed in Tuscaloosa! Never mind all those meth labs out in the country, we need to seize dragon glass pipes and sploofs. To Tutweiler!!!

It’s a good thing they shut down all the dealers in town too! Cuz it’s not like these kids can order drugs off the internet and have them delivered to their door. Ahahahahaha, lol, nope they definitely can’t do that.


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