Tuscaloosa News: Fuck You

[The Tuscaloosa News posted something interesting today. I was going to link to it and talk about it, thus giving them more traffic. But their stupid pay wall blocked me because I came from an RSS reader and it was too stupid to realize that while the site may have been hit five times, or whatever it is, from that referrer, it wasn’t actually me. Good job T-news, good job. So, here is where that content would be, but instead we just have the following rant about their stupid paywall. Mondays folks, amirite?]

Get your shit together if you’re gonna insist on this stupid paywall bullshit. Christ, if I come from an aggregator I haven’t actually read my three or four of your precious articles that I’m allowed to read every day. Argh, god suck a dick. Your paper fucking sucks and I can’t wait to watch as this fucking paywall drags you into the fucking abyss when whatever fucking conglomerate that owns you now realizes you are dead weight that has no chance of making it in a post news world because your approach to making it, instead of getting hyper local and trying to innovate, is to put up a fucking paywall. a fucking paywall. The New York Times couldn’t even get by with their fucking paywall and you sir are no New York Times. Argha blarg aghghaha.


2 thoughts on “Tuscaloosa News: Fuck You

  1. Bro says:

    right click, open in an incognito window

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