Dragons, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up Folks

This is a real headline in 2013.

Dragons are in the Bible so they must be real, Alabama creationist says

That’s right folks, Birmingham Creationist Darek Isaacs thinks there are dragons. First of all, this asshat spells the name Derek as Darek. That’s strike one friends. Strike two is he thinks everything in the bible is true and there are dragons. I would get to strike three, but I have to go stone the fucking shit out of my roommate for eating pork and mixing silk and cotton. Fuck that sinner, man.

Check fucking mate atheists. Check mate.


One thought on “Dragons, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up Folks

  1. In re the banana:

    1. The same could be said about a penis. It has outward indicators of inward contents; a “‘tab’ at the top”; can be covered in a wrapper with ridges; gracefully sits over the human hand; has a point at the top for ease of entry; is just the right shape for the human mouth (save those truly blessed or providentially slighted); and it’s typically curved toward the face.

    2. The banana of which he speaks is mostly a creation of man, not God. http://www.damninteresting.com/the-unfortunate-sex-life-of-the-banana/

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