Tuscaloosa Monorail Where You At?

We haven’t posted these guys in a while, sorry doods, but here’s the latest Tuscaloosa Monorail if you haven’t seen it. It’s been three weeks, so hopefully these guys are gonna get charged up again now that it’s fall and whatnot.

We actually sorta dig this first BD&TL song. They sound good when they’re going balls to the wall.

Whoops, this is actually the most recent episode:

Ya’ll go like their facebook, k?


3 thoughts on “Tuscaloosa Monorail Where You At?

  1. Robin F. Rains says:

    We put out an episode every 2 weeks, Tuesday at 8pm, until the end of time :D. We’re booked for the rest of the year! So far so good.
    ❤ Robin Rains, co-producer/director/conductor of Tuscaloosa Monorail

    Look for it on FB or You Tube or maybe Comcast 21 if you are into seeing it on the TV.

  2. Robin F. Rains says:

    Also thanks for keeping up with us. 😀

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