I’m Sorry, No

This is the hottest blog in Ttown, but some other blog is trying to claim they are. What is this blog you ask? Well it’s something called Ttowntruthseeker.com (catchy) but when you go to the blog it wants to call itself the Franklin Stove whatchamacallit. I dunno, it’s all very confusing. It’s Ttowntruthseeker.com but the blog is the Franklin Stove Blog, or something (dood, get your branding on point.)

Anyway, they are blogging about the school board election and how shady it is and other things yay! We like the design of this site and we like what it wants to do, we just sorta wish it was done with a little more vitriol. Right now it’s just sort of presenting some facts without talking about what they actually mean or why they’re bad. Dood, this is the internet, say can just go ‘head and say what you want to say.


One thought on “I’m Sorry, No

  1. At least they have noticed that Walt Maddox has sold his soul to the big money interests in town. For a guy with only one nut, he’s got a lot of balls.

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