Well, This Don’t Make No Sense

So Matt Calderone, of machine SGA fame is running for city council. We don’t much care, but we looked at his facebook and there was this rather confusing message:

As a result of all of your hard work and support we will be running unopposed for Tuscaloosa City Council, District 4. I look forward to the next four years serving the city we all love! It is incredibly humbling to have such a tremendous amount of support! I want to thank everyone who believes in our vision! Thank you and God bless

Can someone translate this for us? What exactly did his supporters do to make sure he was running unopposed? Did they grease the wheels? Rub someone out? Pull the old flim flam? Is this something you really wanna be thanking people for? Hey thanks guys nobody else is running for this stupid position, yay us! Look at us go!

Also, this guy has a kid? Didn’t he graduate like last year? Sigh two people who have had a frontal lobe for all of one year have a baby and this kid’s gonna be in local government. No wonder Alabama is such a leader nationwide. Ha. Ugh, it’s not even funny anymore.


8 thoughts on “Well, This Don’t Make No Sense

  1. drewhoo says:

    A small dose of analysis would answer your question. Matt’s facebook page gathered 1000 likes in a month without breaking a sweat. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that the popular support he has received so quickly has discouraged anyone else from thinking they could successfully campaign against him. Perhaps that is why he is thanking his supporters.

    Since he received the TNE endorsement when he ran for SGA, it stands to reason that he deserves extra scrutiny when running for a public office. However, he went on record saying he didn’t seek the endorsement, nor did he have anything to do with the endorsement process. That any candidate would acknowledge the endorsement is a significant step toward transparency, though it is arguable that within the given system, meaningful transparency is unachievable.

    It’s easy to dismiss to the subtlety of stories like this in favor of the more easily digestible view that involvement in greek life forfeits integrity and trustworthiness. However, if you consider yourself a close follower of Tuscaloosa news and politics, then you’re doing your readers a disservice.

    I’m struggling to understand how the fact that he is a young father impacts his ability as an elected official. If your point is to denigrate others to be funny, that’s fine, but spare us your hackneyed slams on Alabama as a ‘leader’ in the wrong categories. I’ve enjoyed reading The Ugly Tusk in the past, so I hope this post is an outlier.

  2. SBJ says:

    Hey, he has an Italian (read: not Jones, Smith or Johnson) last name! Baby steps, people!

  3. uglytusk says:

    I don’t know why, but I’ll give you an honest answer Drew because you seem concerned. The whole point of this here blog is to point out stuff that seems weird/funny.

    On the surface, congratulating yourself for running unopposed is funny, hence the post.

    Now, about the whole frat thing. Alabama deeply suffers because it is led by entrenched members of the status quo who have nothing to gain by pushing for real change and everything to gain by making sure the boat is not rocked.

    It’s hard to see Calderone as someone acting outside this system.

    The fact that he has a kid is disconcerting in the way it’s disconcerting to see so many recent UA grads hell bent on getting married at 22. See, we’re from up north, we realize that most people don’t know what the hell they’re doing with their lives at 22 and we firmly believe you need to go out into the world and learn something about it. This isn’t an issue if you’re a copywriter or a “graphic designer” and you want to stay in the same place and not learn anything and make sure things go along as they always have.

    It is problematic, however, when someone wants to have a hand in governance. This kid has not been out in the world. Tuscaloosa faces some serious issues that need an experienced and world weary hand to guide them. Is Calderone gonna stand up to the developers who are turning this town into block after block of empty (shitty looking) buildings that can’t even hope to be filled all while continuing to marginalize and push out the less fortunate? Nope. The bitch of that is that since Alabama’s property taxes are so far under the national average it’s not like anyone is going to benefit from all this new construction.

    Calderone might do just fine as a city council person, frankly though, we’d rather see someone with some experience and a few years on them who can help the town.

    • drewhoo says:

      You guys do a really fine job at poking fun at stuff that happens around Tuscaloosa. I appreciate your perspective on all the crazy shit that happens in AL and all the digs at CeeDub (my former employer). I also appreciate that you seem to care about this place, which is the only reason I felt obligated to post.

      “Now, about the whole frat thing. Alabama deeply suffers because it is led by entrenched members of the status quo who have nothing to gain by pushing for real change and everything to gain by making sure the boat is not rocked.”

      ^ That is a very nice way of putting it. It is definitely tough to see Matt acting outside of that system.

      I am a little bit biased because I did a PR story on Matt and found that I really liked the guy based on all the work he did in the aftermath of the tornado. To be clear, I abhor TNE and, to a lesser degree, the whole greek structure. I think it’s elitist and racist. Despite that, Matt is the one person I knew at UA who I know I would vote for in a city election.

      However, you’re right, that doesn’t mean he should be on the city council. It would be nice for him to go off somewhere and bring back a broader perspective and valuable experience (hell, maybe even people) that aren’t informed by life in a assbackwards state.

      Also, excellent .gif. Bookmarking that one.

  4. Bo Hicks says:

    To put it in the words of one of my favorite movies “anyone every tell you you look like a penis with a little hat” (based on the picture of him you posted). Thanks “A league of their Own”. In fairness though. I have no idea about this dude. I sorta take offense in the you should go out in the world reasoning. I’m 33 live here and have since 1998. One of the things I struggle with is trying to do cool stuff here in town. I achieved a lot of that with wellthatscool.com but I would like to one day be involved in city politics. Would my being rooted here so long make me seem unsavory? I love Tuscaloosa and wanted to make it cool and more progressive. I much like Drew find the greek culture here really shitty but oddly enough have meet a few “Bro’s” that have not been racist , date rapping pricks. I’ll check out this dude with a grain of salt but who knows we’ll see if in fact this dude is a “penis with a little hat ” or not.

    • uglytusk says:

      “going out into the world” doesn’t have to mean moving physically. It means putting some country miles on yourself, living, growing up, understand a worldview outside the cloister of ua greek life.

      we do stand by the opinion that traveling is an inarguably enriching experience and too few americans do it.

      we’ve met plenty of greek people who are stand up folks. it’s not them as individuals, its the ethos of the organizations to which they belong that skeeves us out.

      • uglytusk says:

        also, for the record, we would vote twice for you bo. you’re the kind of person this city needs to help shape its future. just sayin.

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