So This School Board Race, Huh?

We’ve seen whisperings of shenanigans about the whole school board thing but we could really give a flying fuck. We’re pretty sure that any and all things related to schools and boards in Alabama are floating around their own Scopes debacle at all times; so, we ignore it.

Anyway though, we popped over to Lee Garrison’s site today. How we ended up there, we are still unsure, but what matters is that we did. We’ve seen this dood’s signs and we actually kinda like his branding. As far as stupid yard signs go, Garrison’s seem to be the least stupid involved in this election.

It’s his catchphrase we’re a little confused about. It is this:

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 9.34.15 PM

Now, we are not scientists, but when we picture a slate, we picture this:

And we know we live in the future and everything and permanent markers are available in every color of the rainbow, but let’s be honest this is the default and what everyone thinks of:

Yeah buddy, huff those fumes.

So, what is Garrison tryin’ to say here? A child’s future is something the school board secretly scars? A child’s future is where we write out secret messages? A child’s future, now with messages you can sort of read? But they are permanent folks!

Maybe it shoulda been something like: A child’s future is the whiteboard where we accidentally write with permanent marker. A child’s future is the corkboard where we tack something up with a nail, you know, so it stays. A child’s future is the coffee shop messageboard where we tape our fliers? A child’s future is white paper we write on with white ink?

Shit, we don’t know but this slogan is confusing as all get out when you think about it.


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