Football Season Football Season

Is almost here, omg. We get excited for this every year because it gives us an excuse to troll Etsy and Ebay for vintage Bama shirts. Now, we understand that the preferred method of dress among a large segment of the student body skews toward your first Bud Light Cotillion; but we like old Bama shirts. So, here are some for you:

I’m tempted to bulk up on barbecue nachos just so’s I can fit into this:

Pure 90’s magic on this sweatshirt:

90’s graphic designers were the worst. We would buy this one, but we’re scared of that triangle. Looks like some Illuminati shit.

OMG, this one has nothing to do with football, but it’s awesome.

More 90’s awfulness. Garfield y’all, Garfield.

Ignore the way they pinned this one back on the mannequin, embrace the awesome:


Whether you decide to wear red slacks emblazoned with lil elephants or, you know, dress like you’re actually in your 20’s this season, it’s gonna be a good year folks.


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