Are You Getting Excited Yet?

can you feel it in the air? can you feel it in the air tonight? no? no, motherfuckers? crank up this youtube, feel it in the air:

I said crank it up. Is it cranked up? Good. Now you can feel it. You can feel it in the air tonight, as it were.

Can you feel it now? Can you feel the U-haul trucks rumbling down 15th street? Can hear the trucks? Listen to them, the trucks from America’s biggest breweries bringing shitty beer into town before the horde arrives, because they are coming deer friends, in orange trucks and in yellow and in Suburbans and rented vans and an H2 or two, make no mistake, they are coming. They are coming in tempo shorts and croakies, fleet of foot and slow of mind they are coming to tan and drink smoothies and they might do both at the same time because this here’s ‘Murica. They are coming to squeal and pin, they are coming make comments they don’t understand are racist and to whine about their privilege, they are coming to cruise their strip, go mud ridin to cruise again.

Fucking hell people, they are coming back.


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