Ferocious Beast Put Down in Northport

This story is frustrating on so many levels that I don’t even want to post it.

So let’s review: Northport cop shoots pit because it’s a pit.
Why the fuck was the dog out in the first place?
Why the fuck does everybody in the comments think it’s ok to let their goddamn dog live in their goddamn yard?
Why are Alabamians such fuckheads about dogs? Oh I won’t let my dog greet your dog when we’re walking, I’ll just move off the sidewalk and let it bark like a fucking lunatic. Now your dog is barking too, see, that’s what they’re supposed to do you fucking idiot just let them sniff each other’s asses and we’ll both move on.


Sorry, the animal situation in this state is fucking appalling and an embarrassment. But, we’ll just add it to the list won’t we?

If you like dogs, you should probably call Northport Police Chief Kerry (hehe, he has a lady name) Card and let him know you think this is bullshit: (205) 339-6600

face of a killer


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