Saban House

Have you seen Nick Saban’s house?!??!? Jiminy Christmas, it’s huge and appears to be feature some sort of new construction/Toll brothers interpretation of a lighthouse. Seriously, what the fuck is that thing? Does it have an O’Charley’s in it? Now, if you’re really a Tide fan you can actually buy the cranky one’s house June 27. Just think about how you could ruin this tranquil setting by plastering that sumbitch with Daniel Moore prints.

The big questions now are: does anybody know where he stay at in Tuscaloosa? And does this mean him and Miss Terry are going to be permanent full-time Tuscaloosa residents???

Update: Here’s a link to the actual auction.

Is it me, or is the aesthetic in this place confused as fuck? It’s like Miss Terry was like “well, I’d like you to make it part huntin’ lodge and part Tower of London torture chamber.”

all this for $10.95 Million dollars.


One thought on “Saban House

  1. He lives in Crowne Point, on the lake. That’s investment property in Georgia. He’s gotta save for retirement too, man.

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