Tuscaloosa Monorail?

Why din’t anyone tell us about this?

We’re all for people trying to do weird shit in Ttown, so go watch this and subscribe to it and all that booshit. Bonus: the band on this episode features that rarest of things in a Tuscaloosa band, a lead singer who can actually sing (even if he sounds like the bastard child of G Love and the guy from Band of Horses. Seriously right? Isn’t it weird? I want a cold beverage at my fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunerallllllllllll.)


2 thoughts on “Tuscaloosa Monorail?

  1. And to think, I clicked the link thinking that someone was proposing bringing rapid transit to Tuscaloosa! Silly me. Carry on with that convention center for a town with no commercial airport. The rest of us will be over here trying to figure out how to cross the city’s major streets without the benefit of crosswalks.

  2. Thank you!

    -co-producer of Tuscaloosa Monorail

    p.s. On Tuesday July 9th at 8pm, our Andrew WK Interview Hollywood Super Spectacular is going to air on Comcast Channel 21. It will be on Youtube soon after.

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