I Gave You Poems

Sometimes it feels like my dad is writing all the straight missed connections at Tuscaloosa’s Craigslist. This is either because of the lack of periods or commas or any punctuation in really long sentences or because my dad likes to pluralize things that aren’t pluralized:

You work at Barnes & Nobles – m4w (Tuscaloosa/Mid-town)

We have talked more than once. I find you so attractive and interesting yet all my approaches seem to fail. I gave you my number and even gave you some of my poems to read and still not a word. You said that you did not have a boyfriend. Are you a lesbian or is it that I just simply do not appeal to you? Is it my age since I am so much older than you? Maybe one day you will think of me and call. I am waiting to hear from you……..

I would give a kidney to read these poems. A kidney folks!



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