Columnist Tells Us Not to Make Argument No One is Making!!!!

Christ, I hate

Today Kevin Scarbinsky, who for some reason puts his last name in parentheses in headlines, said that we shouldn’t compare recently out NBA player Jason Collins to Jackie Robinson. Agreed. One would think Scarbinsky wrote this column because someone is making this comparison. You’d think he’d cite the comparison in his column to lend the whole basis for this column some credence. He doesn’t, because I don’t think anyone is. Seriously, so fucking dumb.

Naturally the comments on this piece, and the news piece ran earlier are incredibly stupid and backward. Most of it falls in the vein of “I DON’T CARE WHAT QUEERS DO BEHIND CLOSED DOORS S’LONG AS THEY DON’T TOUCH ME AND TURN ME” or “WHY IS IT A HATE CRIME TO CALL SOMEBODY QUEER BUT I CAYN’T BE HOMOPHOBIC BECAUSE I LOVE JESUS” line of bullshit that pops up any time a gender/gay issue shows up on

What the pigfucking hillbilly pieces of shit who post on can’t seem to grasp is that this an important moment for a number of reasons. 1. the hypocritical, conservative, religious strains that run through the black community make it very hard for black guys to come out. 2. Add to that the bullshit anti gay sentiment that runs through most professional sports. There, you’ve got yourself a big deal.

The dickhead, uneducated, scumball commenters on keep pointing at Greg Louganis and Martina Navratilova as previous examples of athletes who have come out. 1. Greg Louganis is a diver and no one, except for maybe my grandma, was shocked when he came out. 2. see aforementioned comments about men in major league sports being dicks about being gay.

Anyhoo, we’ll step off our soapbox now and close by saying “Fuck all of you commenters. You are the worst of this state and represent everything that is wrong with it and are the reason the rest of the country mocks us mercilessly.”


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