LOL Crimson White

Humor, it’s not a term one generally associates with the Crimson White (see: every April 1st issue ever). But, we have to admit, we genuinely lightly chuckled at the CeeDub year in review issue. You can read it on the wretched isuu web site here (we hate this site, just give us a pdf yo, but click the link. It’s worth it.)

In their fare thee well issue the CeeDub takes some light potshots at AJ McCarron’s douchey penchant for bow ties and self shots, the incoherent ramblings of that one brodawg after the whole pledging mess and a bunch of other stuff. Solid work CeeDub.

We will miss all of you who are leaving: Will Tucker, Stephen Deathrage (you’re a senior right? and we know this isn’t your name, but it’s how we pronounce it in our heads and we don’t care), Tray “Traywalking” Smith, Sorelle Wyckoff (is she graduating? We’re just gonna pretend she is.)

Y’all done good this year. As much as we hate to admit it, we like when the CeeDub feels like an actual paper, when it tries to muster some righteous indignation in the face of a wholly apathetic student body that is more concerned with going mud riding and buying a new pair of Tory Burch wedges. Y’all fought the good fight this year. Hell, you even got called out by J-bo (we’ve been trying to get this done for years and have been failing miserably.) We wish you best of luck finding jobs in a dying industry, or hope that you had the good sense to pick up a business minor.

We’d like to buy one or two of you a Wednesday afternoon beer at Egans next week. Or Thursday, whatever. Really though, you’re graduating and this is your last chance for a Wednesday afternoon beer, until you realize a few years from now that you’re going to be 30 soon and nothing really matters and being at work drunk is actually kind of fun. You know where to find us.


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