Puttin On Our Nerdpants for a Mo

Lol, Al.com broke the story about Raspberry Pi’s today!

When we saw this headline we were quite sure that this article would be littered with misinformation and confusion, and it was:

Instead of an operating system like Windows, the Raspberry Pi runs on Linux, an open computer coding system

I’m sorry, wut? What is a “computer coding system”? Linux is an operating system doofus. Just because it uses a terminal (barely anymore) doesn’t make it a “coding system”. The windows/desktop options are actually fancier than what you’d find on a Windows desktop these days. See:

Ahahahaha, wut?

Users can create their own operating system using various downloads found on the internet.

Yep, installing programs makes it your “own” operating system. Granted, nerds can compile a completely custom kernel and such, but running “sudo apt-get install myballs” does not make it a custom operating system. It just installs myballs.

“The operating system, that’s the most difficult part for the average person to figure out.

Seriously dood? You have to download an iso and flash it to a drive. The average 19 year old who has had a computer his whole life can figure that out in 10 seconds.

Ok, nerdpants deactivate, we can hear your boredom.


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