Ooohhhh, Hackers!

Did you hear about the “hacker” who took over DJ Fluker’s twitter account?

It is crazy. Some elite hacker hacked his twitter account and posted this:

I don’t mean to besmirch Mr. Fluker in any way, but if I had to guess, it would probably take all of 45 seconds to google the answers to his password reset questions on whatever email service he uses…or someone just guessed his twitter password. Hackers, they’re the worst.

Apparently all is good now and Mr. Fluker has reset his password and we can all rest easy in the fact that no Division 1 college football player has ever….ahahahahha, I can’t even finish that sentence. The worst thing about this “hacking” is that everyone is acting like these guys don’t get paid. Gimme a break. They do, and they should take money.


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