Welcome New Readers

Well, we have some new twitterer folks and some folks from our amazing Crimson White column. We’re gonna guess you didn’t go back through our illustrious post history to figure out who we are. Consider the post an Ugly Tusk primer. We’ll regale ourselves with our best posts and our hardest hitting journalism.

The Tusk is mostly a media commentary blog. We spend a lot of time bitching about Al.com, ribbing the CeeDub (though we secretly want to make out with all of them) and we used to post about the Tuscaloosa News before they put up their death wall, scuse us, pay wall.

We used to talk about bands sometimes, but we don’t really bother anymore.

So, on with the fun, let’s take a look at what we’ve done.

We made Tray Smith a star by posting a lot about this amazing youtube:

We posted pictures of the pastor who was all fired up about naughty movies coming to Tuscaloosa (he used to be a stripper!)

We invented the Judy Bonner Dance Party. We used to have a photoshopped picture of this, but whatever, we lost it. We did notice that J-bo dresses eerily similarly to a certain lil orphan, though.

And we did lots of other stuff too. Welcome to your new, cranky overlords. If you have dirt or a scoop, email us at our email address: uglytusktips @ gmail.com



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