CeeDub Pulls the Old Flim Flam on Your Favorite Blog

Oh CeeDub, you asked us to write a column for your paper. “You’ll have total freedom” you said. “We won’t edit you” you said. “You can swear” you said.

Where the hell is our youtube link to a cute lil teacup pig riding around in a cart?!?!!?!? Where is it??!?!?!? We put that in so the piece would be interactive, we also think it’s funny to see urls printed on paper.

Here is the adorable video of Chris P. Bacon that should have been included in our column:

Also, putting us below Sorelle Wyckoff in the print edition was a brilliant troll move. Naturally, she stepped in shit as she is wont to do:

I hope that black boys and girls

Why is everyone else in this piece a student, but the black kids are “boys and girls” yeesh.


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