We were recently hipped to @bamacrushes. We spent a good hour or so getting inside the horny minds of Alabama’s (mostly) greek population.

We’re all for this sort of thing, usually. We like puns and such and this twitter is chock full of ’em. We also like internet stabs at romance, since we’ve been known to cruise, and drunkenly respond to, Craigslist Missed Connections on the regular.

Having said that, we’re a little freaked out by a few things about this “anonymous” love twittering (gross).

1. First and Last names. Yeesh people, we don’t know why, but using first and last names takes this whole thing from the plot of that Larry Bass movie to something bordering on light stalking. We’re not sure why this is the case, but it is.

2. The weird objectification. No one is “the cute girl in my bio lab.” There all “that” “that Pi Chi Theta” or whatever. It’s weird.

3. The 140 character limit. There’s an odd, desperate poetry that manifests itself in Craigslist Missed connections. Look at this gem for instance:

4. No one has posted a crush tweet for us. Sad Face.


2 thoughts on “Bamacrushes

  1. Followed the link. Found this on the page of one of the subjects of discussion. Nice.

  2. uglytusk says:

    we don’t want to sound sexist and say that all women’s bathrooms are nasty, but we have seen ungodly things in them. ungodly.

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