This is Cool

The CeeDub seems like one of the few long-standing institutions on campus that takes all comers, and allows them to rise ultimate positions of authority. Next year they’re gonna have a woman in charge. Hoorah I say. I dunno if there’s been another female editor in chief because my lazy googling didn’t turn up a comprehensive list of former CW Editors in Chief. But whateves, should be an interesting change. Maybe someday a woman can even be SGA president…maybe? C’mon.

Either way, the new editor, Mazie Bryant, has some largish shoes to fill as the CeeDub has stepped up their game substantially in the Luckerson/Tucker eras.

Oops, I just realized the CeeDub announced this like two months ago. I only found out today that Bryant got the job at the bottom of her column about being greek and a journo…Let’s hope she’s not this kind of greek…or let’s hope she is? I dunno.

Edit: I stand corrected, there have been like six female presidents of the SGA (maybe four, I only read like half of this list.) You’ll forgive me for not realizing the SGA’s progressive nature when it comes to women and people of color and electing them to positions of authority .01% of the time.

Ok good, this isn’t a new thing:


One thought on “This is Cool

  1. Several women have been SGA president and I at least three have been editors.

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