We’re Not the Fattest!!!! Or Are We?

Al.com made the front page of Reddit today and it wasn’t for something about racism or perceived “misandry” or football players smoking synthetic drugs. Nope, it was because Al.com done reported that y’all here in the south ain’t the fattest, but you sure are some godly folk who like ta tel the truth, amen.

They based this info on a UAB study. Of course they didn’t hedge in their article at all, or talk to anyone at the CDC (the UAB study basically says that the CDC’s numbers are bullshit!) No, they didn’t do any of this because that would require actual reporting and journalistic integrity, two concepts we all know Al.com hates.

Thank god we have Reddit though (minus the misandry assholes, racists, homophobes and atheists*).

A commenter on the Reddit post points out:

The numbers they used were from a REGARDS stroke study which only surveyed approximately 30,000 people, only 5% of the study they’re trying to debunk which interviewed over 600,000 people. Further more the REGARDS study only surveyed people over 45 years old. They also “recruited” individuals mostly from the South and also conducted it from Birmingham, Alabama. So a better conclusion would be: University of Alabama study cherry-picking data finds that people over 45 years old who have been recruited for study on strokes weigh less than national statistics from other more encompassing studies

Sooooooo, maybe we’re still the fattest? Nice reporting Al.com.

*srsly, as an atheist ourself, these people make us nauseous.


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